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We are a law firm that has always focused on family issues. Currently, that focus includes wills, estate planning, prenuptial agreements, and trust and probate administration. In the past, we focused on custody, visitation, and adoption. It remains our goal to support family relationships and family values. Through estate planning, our firm assists individuals in safeguarding and transferring what they have built over the years, including family wisdom and wealth.



We help families with life and legacy planning with:

  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Healthcare powers of attorney
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Living Wills
  • Advance Healthcare Directive
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Property Settlement Agreements
  • Probate and Trust Administration



Our firm was founded in 2009 on the belief that our clients’
needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is
committed to meeting those needs.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and
deliver you the best legal service in the industry.

Lisa Brown Esq. is the principal attorney for Brown Law
Offices. She received her J.D. from The George Washington
University Law School and an LL.M. in taxation from Georgetown
University Law Center. She is licensed to practice law in Virginia
and Washington, D.C. She is admitted to the United States
Bankruptcy Court. The attorney has been a certified guardian
ad litem, GAL in the state of Virginia. Lisa Brown is also admitted
to practice in the federal court system, particularly, the United
States District Court, Eastern District of Virginia.


Estate Planning

Estate Planning is for everyone.  It ensures that you choose what happens to you in terms of how you share your family values, how financial affairs and health care decisions are made.  It allows you to provide both non-financial and financial assets to your descendants.  

Protecting Your Children

Do you need to appoint a guardian for your children if you or you and your spouse are no longer here?  Is it documented where the finances will come from for your children if you are not here.  Do you want to protect your young adults from inheriting a large sum of money at one time.  Do you want to appoint someone to make sure your children’s finances are properly invested or who will protect their inheritance if they need to wait several years before inheriting any funds?

Trust Administration

Trust Administration is the process of administering the estate of an individual who has died with a trust in place.  It is a private process as opposed to the administration of a will, which is a public process.  What needs to be done? The beneficiaries need to be notified, an inventory of the assets must be conducted; real estate may need to be sold; and other instructions from the trust must be followed.


I reached out to Ms. Brown in regards to assistance with a Child Custody case. It was a rough period for me, and honestly I have never dealt with having to use an attorney so this was all very scary and new to me. From the start, Ms. Brown comforted me and immediately put me at ease. As time passed and we progressed further into the Child Custody case, Ms. Brown along with her wonderful team would consistently follow up with me, keeping me posted with detailed information on what's to come and what to expect. Of course there were a few curve balls thrown along the way, but Ms. Brown and her team were very accommodating and adapted to my needs. I initially was hoping to gain at least joint custody of my daughter. With Ms. Brown's hard work and amazing work ethic, I (father) was able to get FULL LEGAL AND PHYSICAL CUSTODY! Ms. Brown is fantastic at what she does, and I will always be forever grateful. I would highly recommend this lawyer!

September 10, 2018

We went to court for custody. Lisa prepared a thorough case against my children's mother. This custody battle was 4 years in the making. In court she painted a picture of the facts while protecting me. We won primary custody of my two daughters. I could not be happier. Also, Mr. Brown was a great help in teaching me how to cope with how you need to treat the other parent as you go through this difficult situation. I can not wait to start the school year with my two bright little girls. Happy Girl Dad!

June 25, 2021

Mrs. Brown did a awesome job on my case .. She fought for the truth and won .. She worked extremely hard on my difficult case and won a appeal for me and my children .. She is definitely a fighter

March 13, 2021

Lisa really cared about me and my family. I hired Lisa twice once in 2010 and again in 2017. Both times was for a custody/visitation case (I received custody both times). I truly appreciate her time she always listen to my thoughts of what I wanted and needed to say in court. She submitted paperwork on time. All in all I would recommend Lisa as a Lawyer.

August 5, 2018

How About a Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation?



At your Legacy Planning Session, we will go over exactly what documents comprise an Estate Plan  and what roles you want those in your life to plan in your Estate Plan.  We will also go over how your assets will be distributed upon your death and what will happen if you become incapacitated.   

SIGNING CEREMONY - In Person or Virtual

It’s time to sign your estate plan documents.  We will have a notary and witnesses to get your documents executed.  At this point, you can stop being concerned about not having an estate plan because your plan is completed.   


We will provide your binder with your full Estate Plan and your documents on a thumb drive.  We will review your binder with you and the placement of your documents.  At that time you will have a chance to confirm that everything is the way you want it to be.  If you change your mind about anything over the next 60 days, let us know and we will make changes to your documents.   


After we deliver your binder, we will encourage you to focus on capturing your value-based assets.   Do you want to leave a video for your family or a family letter.  Do you want to share your spiritual values with your family.  Do you want to pass on your family pictures and memories to your children or grandchildren.


 We will be here for you as your life changes and you need to make changes to your Estate Planning documents.  We will update and make amendments to your estate plan as those changes become necessary.  We will advise you as you look for advisors in other areas of law and finances or if you need lawyers in other jurisdictions.  We will also be here for your agents and family if they have questions about your estate plan.

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